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Like many people I rode as a child - I used to ride horses at our local police station. Then school/life got in the way.
15 years ago, I was unhappy at work and learned to ride horses again at Lee Valley. Communicating with such an amazing animal made me forget about my issues for an hour a week. What therapy! 3 years later I quit my job and retrained to be a saddler/leatherworker.
I eventually joined Linda's (our Chair) Thurs eve advanced dressage class. I was also club secretary for a few years.
2 years ago I started sharing a Grade A showjumper, and began jumping again. Last year I did my first ever cross country sponsored ride! Riding 4x a week, training for Stage 3, I am fitter/healthier/happier than I have ever been and have a great network of friends through the riding club.

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