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Linda T

After begging my parents for years to have riding lessons I started riding weekly at the age of 11 at my local stables.

A year later after riding every week at the stables come rain or shine my grandparents bought me a pony!

Needless to say my family hardly saw me after that!
I used to do all the showjumping circuits and whilst working as a live in girl groom did some hunting. 

I stopped riding when I moved to London from Oxford in my early 30s and had my children.
About 20 years later a neighbour of mine said that she was riding at Lee Valley and why didn’t I join her so I did! 

I enjoyed all the intermediate classes at Lee Valley and then I discovered Linda L’s advanced lessons!
From meeting Linda I got to join the Riding Club, and if anybody had told me when I first came to London that I would be Riding and Member of a riding club I would’ve found it hard to believe

Best thing I ever did going back to Riding! 

Linda T
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