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I began riding at my local riding centre in the North East of Scotland when I was 11. I absolutely loved it and began weekly lessons. After a year of riding weekly I began helping at the stables, so was out there every weekend and any school holidays, obsessing over all the horses.

After a few years of helping my mum seen an advert in the local paper for someone looking for help to exercise their horses, which basically was like owning my own horse as I was out there riding and taking care of the horses daily. The owner then bought a 4 year old Dutch warmblood, Valinni who was the horse of dreams 🤩🐴 she sent me to hell and back but we got past it and we had great fun, attending local shows of dressage and showjumping, she was the one 💓

When I attended uni it wasn't as easy to go riding so helped out people where I could with general exercising and dabbled with a little endurance riding, with my friend who owns Arabs, so lots of hacking and beach rides 🌊

Now living in London I now ride regularly at LV in the intermediate advanced lessons. This is me and Azlan ☝😬from a recent Pen Llyn Trip.

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